A Season of Conferences

The last 6 months could only be described as a “season of conferences”. We began in July with an NYI conference for the largest district on our field. Over 200 youth (aged 13-30) gathered for a time of worship, leadership development, training, district elections, and fun.

I was excited to speak about worship in a plenary session that opened a day of training in worship leading, media, and technology. I spoke about the true meaning of worship and how that should inform our ministry in worship.

One highlight of this conference was a presentation about sexual purity and God’s biblical design for human sexuality. Students listening intently to 4 hours of solid biblical teaching, and were challenged to commit themselves to a life of sexual purity and God- honoring sexuality.

In November, the Sealands Field sponsored “Field Week” for our 75 Bible College Students. This intensive time of training and discipleship gives us the opportunity to directly impact the lives of these students. This semester’s field week was about how greater cultural understanding can lead to more effective evangelism and mission. This is important as these students will minister in a country with over 700 distinct ethnic groups.

A highlight of this conference was when students were asked to put what they had learned into action at a local tourist attraction. They were asked to meet 10 new people per group, asking leading questions about their life, culture, and spiritual background. They did well!

The conferences were well attended. Our family was actively involved in these two conferences. Thank you for supporting these conferences through your partnership.