We try to be as transparent as possible about or work and your partnership.  Below are some frequently asked questions and other support items that will help you become better informed about partnership withe Young Family.

Is my donation or re-occuring financial partnership tax deductible?

Yes.  Your one-time donation or your re-occuring financial partnership is tax deductible.  Whether you give through our online portal or by check through the mail, the Church of the Nazarene International records your support as a charitable donation.  At the end of the year a charitable donation record will be sent to you by mail or email, depending on the method of giving you use.

Does your organization keep a percentage of my financial support?

No.  100% of your financial support is deposited directly into our deputation account, the account from which our ministry and living expenses are funded.  The Church of the Nazarene does not keep back a percentage for administrative purposes or any other need.  Our organization has other means of financial resources that fund its administrative functions.

What can I expect from financial partnership with you?

Financial Transparency

100% of your pledge is applied directly to our ministry and living expenses.  Our organization keeps nothing back, and we use an approved budgeting and financial accounting system.  Our organization holds us accountable for keeping open, clear, and honest financial records.  We are committed to investing you financial support in real and vital ministry.  Want to know more?  Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Consistent Communication

We are committed to consistent communication with our partners through news articles on this website, email and traditional mail newsletters, and speaking tours in the United States about how your financial support is being invested.  As always, contact us with any questions.

Wise Stewardship

Your financial support is used to cover our ministry and living expenses.  These expenses include food, utilities, housing, vehicle maintenance, education materials for our children, travel expenses, operating expenses, and other related expenses.  We are committed to using your financial support wisely in vital ministry and simple living.  Wise stewardship of your financial resources is our promise.

Who can I contact when experiencing trouble with my financial support?

If you want to edit or are experiencing technical difficulties with your reoccurring donation, please contact Donor Services for the Church of the Nazarene at (866) 624-3092 or email at donorservices@nazarene.org.

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