Grand Opening

For over 1.5 years Joe has been working tirelessly with the Bible College to update their educational technology. Before this time, the students of the campus shared one small wireless router and computer lab (3 computers, not all working).

Thanks to a special donor, the Bible college has been able to greatly increase its facilities. Joe has been integral in the planning, purchase, and installation of the equipment as well the development of plans and policies to keep it running smoothly for years to come.

The Bible college now has a computer lab with 15 laptops, a networked laser printer, network file storage, integrated digital library catalogue, a wireless network covering almost 50% of the campus, and new computer and projectors for the Chapel, English Everyday, and Master’s Program.

The grand-opening for the lab was this February and was well attended. Enjoy a few pictures of this event. Also, please ray that this new educational technology will be a great benefit to our Bible college campus, with now almost 100 staff and students.