Home Assignment 2018

We are pleased to announce that our next Home Assignment beginning Spring 2018.  March, April, and May we will be touring the US, sharing about our new assignment in Timor Leste and seeking people, churches, and organizations willing to partner with us financially in this important work.

Schedule Us

Interested in schedule us?  Please visit our Schedule page for more information about open dates and how to schedule us.  As always, you can email us at for scheduling information.  We would love the opportunity to share about our work and invite your partnership.

Our Financial Goals

As partner-funded missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene, we depend on your generous financial partnership to sustain ministry and daily living.  You have been so faithful in the past, and we will would like to ask you to continue to partner with us in the new endeavor.  If you have not partnered with our financially before, we would like to invite you to do so.  Visit our Partner page for more details.

Our expenses for ministry and daily living in Timor Leste will be higher than our previous assignment, due to the economic environment of Timor Leste and the fact they use US dollars as their currency.  Our new goals are:

Monthly Expenses: $3,620

One-Time Expenses: $27,100

A Word of Thanks

How can we say thanks enough for your partnership with us this past term?  47 Individuals and 5 church financially partnered with us monthly this past term, supplying and average of $1,600 in monthly income for a two year total of $40,000.  Hundreds of one-time donors and churches partnered with us contributing over $30,000 toward one-time expenses, including $8,500 toward the purchase of our new vehicle.

This is fruit of your partnership and we are deeply and truly grateful that you are part of our ministry.  Your prayer and financial support help make our ministry possible and effective.