Home Assignment Done

Our Home Assignment is complete and we are back in the country where we serve. We are grateful for the experience we had.

Where Did We Travel?

On home assignment, we had the privilege of sharing at 27 events, in 23 churches, across 4 states. We began our whirlwind tour on the Louisiana District Church of the Nazarene. After that we shared on the South West Ohio District Church of the

Nazarene, then the West Virginia North district, with a few churches on the Kentucky District Church of the Nazarene peppered in.

What Did We Share?

There is so much to share about the ministry we do here. This home assignment our goal was to share about the people we serve and serve with, not just the kinds of ministry on our field. It was such a privilege to introduce other Nazarenes to the Nazarenes here and how they are developing into Christ-like disciples, leaders, and disciple-makers.

A Special Thanks

Thank you to the many pastors, NMI presidents, and thousands of Nazarenes that welcomed us into your churches and made us feel at home. We were honored to share what God is accomplishing in the country where we serve. We are also thankful for the generosity of our Nazarene family, your financial partnership is deeply appreciated. Thank you also for the many love offerings, “Nazarene handshakes”, gifts to our children, and the wonderful meals and times of fellowship we shared. May God bless each of you, as you have blessed us.