Join Our Facebook Group

We are pleased to announce our Facebook group STDFSTPILGRIMS. It is quickly becoming one of our primary means of giving news, prayer requests, updates, reports, and sharing stories about what is happening in Timor-Leste.

We would love for you to join our growing Facebook community of over 100 members, if you have not already. It is a closed group due to some security considerations, but open at any time to those who request membership. You can find our group by searching in the Facebook search bar for “stdfstpilgrims” or by following this link.

We have other social accounts as well, such as Instagram and Twitter. Our website has been newly and simplified. Mastering social media and online communication is a growing point for us, and we would love your feedback on ways to improve. If you have suggestions on how we communicate more effectively, don’t hesitate to email or message us through social media.