New Assignment to Timor Leste

It had been too long since our last blog post.  Please forgive us for the lull in communication, but we have a good reason.  Earlier this summer, we were asked to consider a new assignment to the country of Timor Leste.  We accepted the assignment, but it required a few months of planning and preparation before we could make an official announcement. We like to officially announce that our family will be moving to Timore Leste in June 2018 to oversee the work there.

Timor Leste is a relatively new Island nation in South-East Asian, just north of Australia, formed in 2002 after finally securing its independence after a decades long conflict against colonial rule. With just over 1.3 million inhabitants, it is a small nation, but one that faces great need. Poverty is high, educational opportunity is low, access to competent healthcare is sparce, the economy is still young and untested, and the Protestant church is in its infancy.

The people of Timor Leste, however are resilient, light-hearted, and kind. Their optimism is contagious, and it is a pleasure to serve alongside them.

Our family will be overseeing the work of the Church of the Nazarene there. With one organized Church and three fellowship groups, there is much to do. We are excited to help Nazarenes and the Church of the Nazarene in Timor Leste reach their full potential.

Will you commit to partner with us in prayer?  Pray that the transition and move to Timor Leste is smooth. Pray that our Home Assignment in March, April, and May 2018 will be successful, as we begin sharing about and raising support for this new ministry.  Visit our website,, for more details and look for new features to be added in the future.