Our New Vehicle!

Praise the Lord!  With your generous support, we have raised and exceeded our goal of $7,500 toward a new vehicle.  Even better, we were able to purchase our vehicle in the country of our new assignment Timor Leste, where we will relocate in June 2018.

Through your generosity, we were able to purchase a 2013 Mitsubishi Triton, a study diesel, quad-cab pickup truck that is just the right size for our family.  It has just over 30,000 miles and is in good condition.

Timor Leste has a rapidly developing road system.  Though the newer roads are decent, many roads are still in need of repair.  4 wheel drive is a must, especially to reach 2 of our remote, developing churches.  This truck is a 4X4, sturdy, and adequate for the varying road conditions.

Thank you for your generosity and patience as we shopped for just the right vehicle.  This vehicle is a blessing and the fruit of your partnership.  Thank you for investing in our ministry, a blessing now extended to our new assignment in Timor Leste.

We are grateful and pray that God will bless you abundantly for your generosity and sacrifice.