Current Projects for Timor-Leste

Part of our ministry includes coordinating projects that make a tangible impact in the lives of the people of Timor-Leste. Below you will find a list of current projects that you can give toward, or even become involved in.  Click on the photos below for information about these vital projects.

Scholarships for Pastors
Students who want to study and prepare for ministry have limited option in Timor Leste.  Some choose to attend our field bible college.  The resources for leaving home and attending college are often out of the reach of most.  Help us support emerging leaders and pastor's in training by giving toward scholarships for ministerial students.
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Motorcycles for Pastors
You can provide needed transport for newly-placed pastors. Your gift will provide economical transportation that will increase their mobility and ministry opportunities, increasing their reach, especially into remote areas.
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Medical Aid for Pastors
Pastors and their families often live on limited incomes, which are not always sufficient when facing chronic illness or a health crisis.  Help us keep our pastors and their families healthy by providing medical and financial aid. Project Goal = $1000
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Rice for Students
In Timor Leste, student move from the villages  to the city to study and complete their high-school education. They often have no place to live, and limited means to support themselves. The Church of the Nazarene is pleased to provide a dormitory for high-school aged young men. Our dormitory system has proved to be successful, not only in helping young men complete their education, but also become strong followers of Christ.  Help us support this vital project and ministry by donating toward the purchase of rice for students meals.
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