Visiting the Tarrant Family

How can you say thanks enough for the people who care, pastor, and shape your kids?

During Home Assignment we got the opportunity to visit the Tarrant family in El Paso, Texas. The Tarrants are Nazarene missionaries who serve in two very important roles. First, they serve with the Nazarene Border Initiative, helping resource and develop Nazarene churches on each side of America’s southern border. With the current climate that Nazarene’s and communities face on each side of the border, it is good to know that Nazarene’s are at work being a Christlike help and witness.

Second, they serve as directors of member care for Nazarene missionary kids around the world, with a special focus on helping high school age M.K.s transition successfully from the field to college. To us, they are like pastors to our children and a great blessing to our family. They have made a huge impact on our kids.

While on our way to speak in Albuquerque, New Mexico we got to stop by and visit the Tarrants. It was a great day of talking, sharing, and eating authentic Mexican food, as well as Andrew’s tremendous pancakes! Thanks Andrew, Hayley, Samuel, and Rees for your hospitality and for caring so much for our kids.

For more information about the Tarrant family, visit their website.