We Have Arrived

After a great deal of prayer, traveling, hard work, and support from countless ministry partners, we are pleased to announce that the Young Family has officially arrived in Timor-Leste in June.

We were greeted at the airport by our Timorese Nazarene’s, who presented us with gifts of traditional fabric called “tais”. Tais hold great meaning for the Timorese. Like a family crest in Western cultures, each tais has a unique pattern, mix of colors, and text that represent family names and identity. In fact, tais are exchanged at wedding ceremonies as a symbol of the families of the bride and groom becoming united by marriage.

We were honored to receive tais from our Timorese Nazarene’s, but also honored by other heartfelt ways they welcomed our family. One example was when Pastor Ully, wife of Pastor Sam, surprised Jonathan with a birthday cake she had made for his 18th birthday.

It is not always easy to celebrate milestone birthdays overseas, away from extended family. This simple gesture was a wonderful way to make our son’s big day even more special. There are no cake mixes here, and cakes like this one are made from scratch. There was a lot of love baked into this special cake.
Pray for us, as we adjust to new life and ministry in Timor-Leste. While close (geographically) to other countries where we have served, different weather, culture, currency, and rhythm of life are just some examples of the adjustments we will have to make.

By the way, what can you do to help new members of your community feel welcome?